Programmable Spray Technology

"044e" Manifold
Field Tested over a year before production
32 Zone Manifold

On a Fanuc robot

"1-Stop" Manifold
"044e" on Fanuc
Intuative User Interface
Intuative User Interface

Precision spray decreases lube usage & saves money!

Cavity Die IR Image Example - With (3) Hot Spots


Inline "Bar" Manifold Spraying Linear Zones


Spraying with eNOZZLE® - Targeting the Hot Spots


High Frequency pulsing improves cooling efficiency!

Table: Collected Water Run-Off from the Hot Die


Reference Info
Decreasing the Consumption of Die Lube with the High-Frequency Pulsed Spraying
M. Rakita, K. Blowers, C. Doak, T. McDonald, Q. Han
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Spraying with Pulse Spray - 50% less lube used


eNOZZLE® has a proven ROI in as little as one year!

Additional Info

  • Maximize productivity with up to 32 independent spray zones
  • Get the spray density you need with mist or high intensity atomization from the same outlet
  • Decrease lube usage with precisely targeted patterns and dwells
  • Increase plant safety making all flow adjustments from the HMI, even during auto production

Get the exact results you want

  • Customize a spray routine for individual dies with a single spray head. No more swapping manifolds with dies.
  • High frequency PWM control of the spray outputs lets you extract precise amounts of BTU's from the die face.

What else can it do?

  • The controls system can monitor the health of each output of each eNOZZLE®, true preventative maintenance.
  • An optional Flow Rate Monitoring tool (coming soon) is also available to track flow rate changes over time.

What can it be installed on?

  • This system can be integrated onto 410 reciprocators or Robots (FANUC, ABB, MOTOMAN, etc.).
  • The manifold can be configured custom as "1-Stop", horizontal sweep, or a vertical wand.
  • 0-.25 GPM and 0-.7 GPM flow variants are available depending on applications.


eNOZZLE® Spray in Action


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